Letter From The Editor

A Wake-Up Call In 2017?

The year of the monkey is in the books. Say hello to the year of the rooster.
By Rebecca Wessler

Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Marc Rapport

On Leadership

Ida Bowen On Leadership

What do boards want from CEOs? Ask Ida Bowen, who served on the board of Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union before becoming its CEO.
By E.C. Harrison


The Normalization Of Rates In 2017

What would “normal” rates look like in the coming year, and what events might prevent rates from getting there?
By Dwight Johnston

Callahan News

3 Ways To Use Bank Data

Gain a better understanding of regional and national bank performance using data from the Bank Comparison folder in Peer-to-Peer by Callahan & Associates.
By Liz Furman

State In The Spotlight: Pennsylvania

Besting national averages across various penetration and efficiency rates, financial cooperatives in the Keystone State are efficiently serving members and expanding books of business with their current staffing models.
By Michelle Parker

Industry Performance

A Look Ahead To 2017

With a more favorable environment, credit unions are poised to make an even greater impact in the coming year.
By Jay Johnson


Industry Performance By The Numbers

Twenty-eight graphs, charts, and maps that evaluate credit union performance in the third quarter of 2016.
By Callahan Industry Analysts


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement

By Michelle Parker

Peer Group Comparisons

Summary Financial Profiles

Credit unions of various sizes can easily compare their business models against institutions of similar sizes using these summary income statements and balance sheets for eight peer groups.
By Michelle Parker

Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

It’s never been easier to compare the quarterly performance of up to three credit unions using Callahan's Search & Analyze online reports. This Performance Scorecard shows stats for the average credit union in eight peer groups.
By Michelle Parker

Anatomy Of A Credit Union

Anatomy Of OUR Credit Union

How back-to-basics lending, a brick-and-mortar presence, and a forward-thinking approach to business underpin growth for a suburban Detroit credit union.
By Erik Payne

Ideas In Action: Mortgage Lending For The Modern Age

Make Home-Buying Education A Celebration

How Altra FCU turns potentially dry presentations into a happy hours for would-be homeowners.
By Erik Payne

Home Ownership Trends In The United States

HMDA data reveals who is, and who isn't, taking out mortgages.
By Michelle Parker

Make A WISH. Buy A Home.

Funds from an FHLB program helps TruWest Credit Union put members into affordable homes.
By Erik Payne

The House That Plastic Built

How Northwest Community Credit Union created a home equity product that offers members the last home loan for which they’ll ever need to apply.
By Marc Rapport

Technology@CU: Credit Union Core Processing

Numbers Matter When It Comes To Evaluating Tech Relationships

A top-line evaluation of the market is a great way to begin assessing a new or existing core processor relationship.
By Liz Furman

The De-Commodization Of The Core Processing Platform

The necessity for core processing platforms to evolve continues apace with member demands for seamless service.
By Marc Rapport

A Leap Of Faith In Branchless Banking

Lutheran FCU's embrace of an omnichannel approach has allowed it to operate in a nearly branchless environment since its inception.
By Ted Goldwyn

How To Outsource Credit Union Core Processing

A California credit union finds focusing on mission helps culture follow technology.
By Marc Rapport

How 4 Credit Unions Seed Their Future With Cloud Core Processing

Cloud processing converts say the benefits of the cloud include cost savings and increased operational efficiencies.
By Marc Rapport

3 Ways To Identify Core A-Players

Tips to narrow the playing field to vendors that fit a credit union’s business model and needs.
By Alex Gekas


By Liz Furman

Speed Dating, McDonald's, And Credit Union Products

More options might seem like a good idea, but streamlined offerings also benefit both credit unions and their members.

The Last Word

#Millennial #Lingo

13 words and phrases that will help you fit right in with the millennial generation. Plus, a word search of credit union whose names call to mind these phrases.

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