Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Marc Rapport

Jama Campbell On Leadership

The SECU Foundation executive director applies the solution-focused philosophy of leadership she learned in the trenches to the community impact work she now leads.
By Marc Rapport

State In The Spotlight: Arizona

In Arizona, first mortgage balances and share draft penetration hit decade-plus highs.
By William Hunt

Market Snapshot: 3Q 2019

Consumer optimism, debt levels, deposit balances, and more. Get a glimpse of what happened across the United States in the third quarter.
By William Hunt

Industry Performance

Make Plans For 2020

The most successful decade in the history of the movement is coming to an end. How can credit unions prepare for what comes next?
By Jay Johnson


Macro-Economic And Industry Trends (3Q19)

Despite mixed signals to end the year, signs do point to a strong economy to begin 2020. What else should credit unions know at third quarter?
By Aman Johal


Industry Trends: Loans (3Q19)

By Aman Johal

Industry Trends: Mortgages (3Q19)

By Samantha Cristobal

Industry Trends: Auto Lending (3Q19)

By Michael Blackman

Industry Trends: Shares (3Q19)

By Samantha Cristobal

Industry Trends: Investments (3Q19)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Earnings (3Q19)

By Samantha Cristobal

Industry Trends: Member Relationships (3Q19)

By William Hunt

Industry Trends: Human Capital (3Q19)

By Aman Johal


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement


Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard compares credit union performance in major metrics across eight asset-based peer groups. Callahan subscribers can build their own Performance Scorecard using asset size, state, individual credit union, and national data sets. Visit the Search & Analyze data engine at to get started.

Anatomy Of Digital Federal Credit Union

By Erik Payne

Putting People First Pays Off

Three guiding principles at Digital FCU has helped the Massachusetts credit union become one of the largest, and most influential, in the industry.

The Importance Of Being Innovative

Digital FCU knows better than to rest on its laurels. The trust of its members relies on it.

The Roles Less Traveled

How the responsibilities and career paths of the DCU senior team have evolved through the years …sometimes in surprising or unexpected ways.

Training For Those Next In Line

Digital Federal Credit Union strives to promote from within. Learn how it readies employees for the leadership opportunities that come next.

What Does Fintech Innovation Look Like In Credit Union Land?

A nonprofit program launched by Digital FCU fosters next-gen talent and ideas, and the nation has noticed.

Strategy Lab

What’s Your North Star?

Many credit unions talk about mission, vision, and values. But even a guiding light requires people to look up and follow it some time.
By Katy Slater

The Last Word

Recommended Reading (3Q 2019)

Callahan’s associates offer their take on the best books for credit union leaders.
By Rebecca Wessler

Ring The Lunch Bell

Can you sniff out these 10 credit union names that will leave you feeling hungry?
By Erik Payne