Letter From The Editor

A Fruitful Year For Which To Cheer

Impressive financials, member service, and innovative strategies — there’s a lot to celebrate in the credit union movement.
By Rebecca Wessler

Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Erik Payne

On Leadership

Joan Moran On Leadership

The CEO of DOLFCU talks about thinking differently, working collaboratively, and taking chances.
By Sharon Simpson


The Future Of Consumer Credit

Growth in consumer credit has sparked concern about credit quality. How will credit unions know when it’s really time to worry?
By Dwight Johnston

State In The Spotlight: Wyoming

Wyoming credit unions are all about growth. These credit unions have posted some of the strongest growth rates of any state in the nation, and it appears more and more Wyomingites are selecting credit unions to be their primary financial institutions.
By Greg Gonsalves

Industry Performance

Credit Unions Everywhere Live The “Members First” Motto

When employees prioritize what is best for the member, they demonstrate the cooperative difference.
By Jay Johnson


Industry Performance By The Numbers

Twenty-eight graphs, charts, and maps that evaluate credit union performance in the fourth quarter of 2016.
By Callahan Industry Analysts


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement

By Sam Taft

Peer Group Comparisons

Summary Financial Profiles

Credit unions in different asset-based peer groups can compare their business models against institutions of similar sizes using the Balance Sheet and Summary Income Statement contained in these profiles, which display data for the average credit union in each peer group. These profiles are available anytime to Callahan subscribers via the Search & Analyze data engine at
By Greg Gonsalves

Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard compares credit union performance in major metrics across eight asset-based peer groups. Callahan subscribers can build their own Performance Scorecard using asset size, state, individual credit union, and national data sets. Visit the Search & Analyze data engine at to get started.
By Greg Gonsalves

Credit Union Annual Report

Disruptor, Disrupted: The Choice Is Yours

Credit unions appear to be taking divergent paths, but will mission trump “bank lite” as the year unfolds?
By Jon Jeffreys


2016 Credit Union Impact Report

Lending, savings, community support, and more. Credit unions had a busy year.
By Greg Gonsalves

The 2016 Credit Union Leaders

At year-end 2016, see which credit unions lead the way in six key cooperative metrics.
By Liz Furman

2017 Economic Outlook

Callahan’s annual Executive Outlook Survey shines a light on the economic challenges and opportunities for credit unions in the months ahead.
By Erik Payne

2017 Priorities At-A-Glance

Feedback from Callahan’s annual Executive Outlook Survey highlights industry goals for 2017.
By Erik Payne

Anatomy Of A Credit Union

Anatomy Of Boston Firefighters Credit Union

A lean, not mean, operation helps this Beantown, SEG-focused credit union top the charts in member metrics.
By Marc Rapport

Ideas In Action: Big Ideas For 2017

The Rise Of The Machines

How automated automobiles threaten to disrupt American society and the credit union business.
By Scott Patterson

Fail, To Succeed

Only in a culture that celebrates process and smart risk-taking does true innovation take root.
By Chris Howard

Turn Financial Wellness Talk Into Action

The need for credit unions has perhaps never been greater for the average American household.
By Jay Johnson

The Secret Behind Member Behavior

A new approach to member service helps credit unions better understand the underlying needs of members and serve them more effectively.
By Jon Jeffreys

Community Reinvestment In The New Year

Too many credit unions support worthwhile causes that have nothing to do with their core mission.
By Alix Patterson

Technology@CU: Security In 2017

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Cybersecurity is a problem that defies easy definition, solution, provenance, and conclusion.
By Chris Howard

How To Create A Culture Of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a leadership issue but requires action from the entire enterprise.
By Liz Furman

Biometrics Bests Old School When It Comes To Mobile Banking Security

Multi-factor authentication might one day skip the user name-password option.
By Marc Rapport

What Lurks In The Dark Web?

A California credit union finds focusing on mission helps culture follow technology.
By Marc Rapport

What's In Store For 2017?

Technology providers evaluate 2016 and look ahead to the coming year.
By Marc Rapport


The Definitive In And Out List For Credit Unions

What’s the next Pokémon GO? Will this finally be the year virtual reality takes over?
By Erik Payne

The Last Final Word

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight

All good things must end. That doesn't mean they'll be forgotten. Find 22 credit unions that, whether by merger, attrition, or mysterious circumstances, turned off the lights in 2016.
By Leigh Anne Terry