Core Processing

By Marc Rapport | Dec. 2, 2014

Good things come to those who don’t wait. Consultants see savings opportunity in core processing market.

By Marc Rapport | Oct. 10, 2014

Industry-specific software integration standards in place at one credit union but more to come.

By Callahan & Associates | Aug. 25, 2014

Callahan & Associates discusses competition and strategies in the delivery channel space.


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By Alogent | Feb. 24, 2014

Bluepoint Solutions Presents: The case for turning paper into an asset that improves service and builds relationships.

Follow these rules to transform card-related challenges into institutional opportunities.

By Aaron Pugh | Dec. 2, 2013

Northwest FCU followed the golden rule of project management when it decided to convert from its 30-year-old legacy core system.

By FIS | Dec. 2, 2013

With a wealth of different options available, here’s what credit unions should really be looking for in a trusted partner.

By Fiserv | Dec. 2, 2013

Job No. 1 at every credit union is providing individual and small business members with superior service and cost savings. But as membership grows, so do the challenges.

By Symitar | Dec. 2, 2013

Although technology has changed substantially over the years, virtually all credit unions share some common requirements when it comes to their core processing provider.

By Alogent | June 24, 2013

5 questions that reveal your true data protection (and what it’s really costing).