By | May 12, 2008

ROA dropping like a lead balloon ... margins shrinking like a violet ... postage rates climbing up and up (again!). Hundreds of credit unions have changed one Standard Operating Procedure and are saving thousands. And that SOP change is that ...

By Denise Senecal | April 21, 2008

While the cost-savings benefits of e-statement usage are particularly relevant in today’s economy, e-statements are rapidly gaining acceptance as an important communication channel for credit unions.

Partner Perspective
Marketing Using Known Data

By | Oct. 29, 2007

Not simply a tool to cut costs, eStatements offer multiple features to market and cross-sell many different opportunities directly to members.


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By Ryan Sherwin | Sept. 10, 2007

Email is a dying breed….or is it? By targeting in-market consumers you can assure yourself of not damaging your brand image

By | June 11, 2007

Even with a diverse membership, and varying interests and needs, personalized attention to members’ unique needs is still a hallmark of the credit union difference.

By | July 3, 2006

Readers tell us that the small difference between “out” and “in” has become a hot topic over the past month. This difference will save two more credit unions thousands per year by changing one simple word.

By | May 29, 2006

The difference between “opt in” and “opt out” is more than a word. For one CU, this difference will decrease operating expenses by more than $125,000.

By Denise Senecal | Jan. 16, 2006

Meeting the needs of members online must be an ongoing effort. New research provides insight for credit unions as they strive to meet these needs in 2006.

By | Nov. 21, 2005

Unfortunately, your credit union can’t control the cost of postage. But you can control the number of mailings sent to members – and the number of members who receive their statements electronically.

By | Oct. 10, 2005

Want to grow your members' adoption of electronic statements? A simple change to a single policy can make it happen: Just set e-statements as the default delivery option for your active online banking members.