By Denise Senecal | Oct. 10, 2005

Recent events provide an even greater incentive for credit unions to focus on electronic delivery methods.

By Denise Senecal | Sept. 12, 2005

Instead of relying on members to request a change, some credit unions are proactively converting online member segments to e-statements and realizing significant cost savings.

By | Aug. 22, 2005

E-mail has become as common to consumers as a telephone. Despite inherent challenges the public has become obsessed with reading their e-mail.


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By Denise Senecal | Aug. 22, 2005

A new online member survey shows the need for better communication regarding identity theft protections and how this information can be used to increase e-statement adoption.

By | July 4, 2005

For years the tendency has been to try to push members in the technology channel where we want them. As adoption rates start to plateau and we try to think of ways to get more members using online technology, why not lead them?

By | May 30, 2005

Promoting eServices to members requires knowing “what to promote, and to whom.” When fashioning marketing campaigns, credit union marketers regularly ask themselves how best to get “the right offer, to the right person, at the right time.”

By Joe James | Aug. 4, 2003

Although e-statements have been around for a few years, their popularity has dramatically increased this year. When Callahan & Associates began tracking the e-statement market in 2002, there were 141 credit unions with assets greater than $25 million dollars that reported using this new technology. That number has more than quadrupled so far in 2003, according to the just released 2003 Credit Union Technology Survey. For that reason, e-statements are experiencing the same level of adoption growth as seen in the early days of Internet banking, which took about the same, short time to reach the 500 credit union mark.

By Denise Senecal | Sept. 23, 2002

A recent study of online credit union members provides insight into member reactions towards e-statements. The study, conducted by credit unions in Callahan's Survey Consortium which do not currently offer e-statements, provides guidance into tactics that could lead to successful adoption rates.

By Denise Senecal | Sept. 9, 2002

In a recent online survey conducted by Callahan's Credit Union Survey Consortium, credit union members who use e-statements report fairly high satisfaction with their credit union e-statement. The majority (84%) of members who use e-statements are satisfied with their credit union's e-statements, with 57% saying they are very satisfied. Only 2% reported being dissatisfied.

By Denise Senecal | Sept. 2, 2002

Almost 70% of the 8,000+ credit union members who responded to a new online survey by Callahan & Associates say they are likely to sign up for E-statements when they become available at their credit union. Learn more about the findings and how your credit union can realize the full potential of your E-statements program.