Thank You, Alexandra

A note of appreciation for a Callahan intern who earned the recognition of Oprah Winfrey.



Let’s face it, times are tough. Especially for Gen-Y. Recent college graduates who financed their education with student loans carry an average of $24,000 in debt. The unemployment rate for these college graduates, ages 20 to 24, stands at 8.7%. Many of these graduates have few job prospects available despite their pricey degree. This situation might keep the best of us down, but that's not true of Alexandra Gekas, Callahan & Associates’ marketing intern and soon-to-be American University graduate.

Alexandra is no stranger to challenges. She's worked through unwarranted changes to her student credit card and scraped together the last $5,000 to pay off the remaining balance of her tuition so she can graduate in December. She meets resistance and doesn’t give up on her goal. Instead, she responds with positive, tenacious action.

Alex has written a bit about her personal financial experiences on, but everybody has the opportunity to get to know her better on the day after Thanksgiving. That's the day she’ll be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show during a segment that reunites her with a fireman who was an emergency responder on September 11, 2001. Nine years ago, she wrote a thank you note. He replied. And the friendship began. The duo appeared together on Oprah Winfrey at that time to discuss the power of giving thanks. This Friday, Alex and Miller Stroud reunite to share their experiences since that initial airing.

At a time when people are giving thanks, she's a reminder that there IS hope, and this renewed hope reminds us that the solution to our current economic calamity will not come from Wall Street, the politicians in Washington, or from a corporate board meeting. The solution will come from a grassroots effort, where credit unions serve. It is this new generation of employees who will work through and around obstacles. And, if they are at all like Alexandra, they will meet these challenges head-on with a witty smile and an air of positivity.


Nov. 23, 2010


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