The Age of the Mobile Web

A new graph illustrates the rapid adoption rate for mobile Internet technology. Where is this trend leading us?



The newest installment of the now decades long debate on "Microsoft vs. Apple" shared some noteworthy facts about the current trend towards mobile internet use.

The rate of growth for mobile Internet is astonishing:

  • In 2007, Internet traffic from mobile devices was nearly nonexistent.
  • Today, mobile operating systems account for nearly 3% of all Internet traffic.
  • The percentage of Internet usage on mobile devices doubles every eight months.
  • Mobile devices could consume 20% of total Internet usage within the next three years.

The Growth of the Mobile Internet
Source: | Data provided by: Net Market Share

The funny thing about modern life is as soon as we get used to new technology and accept its' impact on our lives, a new trend comes along and changes the whole paradigm. The possibilities that come with access to such advanced information and communication at the tips of our fingers will surely influence our lives over the next few years.

The internet allowed for any business and independent entrepreneur to exude a global impact. It made it so that where a company was located no longer mattered. Business operations could happen remotely, from anywhere.

The mobile web diverges from this original trend and boosts the relevance of local impact. Location matters. No longer does a business need to blanket a region with their newspaper and radio advertising campaign, or only buy ads on websites that are served to every visitor regardless of demographic. Like Starbucks, they can now target coffee-drinking, mobile customers with a coupon when they are near one of their locations.

This type of mobile advertising is found to be up to five times more effective than your standard online variety. What does this trend mean for your credit union's marketing efforts?


Oct. 29, 2010



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