The Business Breakdown

How to build a believable budget, digital coupons are gaining influence, and bank debit cards could become much more costly.


It’s amazing how the world has changed since the start of the recession. Before, I had a flip phone. Now I have an iPhone. Before, getting a job was difficult but doable. Now people toil endlessly and are met with little more than silence. Before, businesses operated with a little fat around their mid-section to maximize quality, quantity and profit. Now, they’re leaner than ever and looking to stay that way if at all possible.

The latest consumer spending numbers aren’t particularly encouraging. People are hesitant, confused, and, in a lot places, hot and tired. But, where there is negativity, there is also a massive opportunity to be part of the solution. That’s what we’re interested in.

  • Watch the Spending: Money magazine takes a look at budgeting methods from splitting your paycheck to tracking your habits online. They’re all viable options. The Breakdown: Members are looking for ways to both survive the now and plan for the future. You can share tools such as these suggested in the article and help them get to where they need to go. Maybe you have other solutions too. Check out the mobile world for budgeting apps.
  • No More Cutting Coupons?: Mashable has an awesome infographic chronicling the rise of digital coupons. Look at some of the numbers. It’s exciting. The Breakdown: What is your cooperative doing to save members money? Are you exploring the digital space to promote your products and services? It makes sense to explore the option. Smart phones (as you can see in the inforgraphic) are only gaining prominence.
  • Debit Card Downer: The L.A. Times examines what the Durbin legislation could do to debit cards and bank customers. The Breakdown: Here’s another example of the opportunity afforded to you by Durbin. Cooperatives can offer services such as free checking as a competitive advantage and get more new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

June 28, 2011



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