The Power of Thank You

A lesson from the world of social media.



The most important lesson I’ve gained from using social media is the same one my mother taught me when I was first learning to speak. Say “thank you.” Those two little words go a long way. Saying them to your social media circle makes you appear more personable, more genuine. There are few things more motivating than somebody who appreciates your work.

I just wrapped up the live broadcast of our social media webinar, “How to Deliver Results from Your Social Media Efforts,” which will be available for on demand viewing early next week. And, in the spirit of social media, I’d like to thank our credit union speakers Amy McGraw from Public Service Credit Union and Holly Stapleton from Fort Knox Federal Credit Union. Both of them shared excellent success stories from their Twitter and Facebook use. I encourage our readers to reach out to them to learn more about their approach to social media. You can reach Amy on Twitter @PSCU_Amy as well as Holly and her team can be contacted on the Fort Knox Federal Credit Union Facebook Fan Page.

I’m not the only who recognizes the power of “thank you.” Ondine Irving from Credit Card Connection, a website sharing information on the best credit union credit cards, once told me her take on why “thank you” is so important in social media. “When somebody tells me thank you for the re-tweet or thank you for that info, it makes me think they have class. I think they did appreciate my effort. I’m much more likely to reach out to that person in the future.”

Ondine (@CCardConnection on Twitter) touches on my favorite aspect of the social media “thank you.” It’s not just about being polite. Showing appreciation to your most engaged followers and fans is how you grow your network and build alliances. Thanking the people who support you the most will encourage them to continue that support. Ignoring their effort or taking it for granted will get you nowhere fast. When your goal is to improve the engagement you have with your social media followers, it starts with a simple “thank you.”

For more information on social media etiquette visit the same source for everyday etiquette tips, Emily Post.


Aug. 26, 2010


  • I appreciate everything you do Matt! And thanks for the awesome mention in this article - the webinar was a lot of fun!!
  • There is no substitute for genuine appreciation. The words 'Thank you' fuel incentive to repeat the performance. We would all do well to practice saying thank you. For many, it's uncomfortable to express it in words - which is why practice is important. Next time you think 'thank you' exercise your vocal cords and actually say it out loud. Write it in a card (really there is such a thing in the 21st century) or go ahead. Say thank you in email. Really shock someone by faxing a thank you. It's not so hard having an attitude of gratitude. Oh! and by the way - Thank you! Callahan & Associates for modeling great leadership and providing so many valuable, insightful resources. Thanks, Matt - for hosting and recapping the webinar today.
  • Thank you! Excellent reminder for all of us!
  • Great presentation yesterday! I really enjoyed it. Thank You!!
  • The headline really caught my attention. How about a similiar article about the power of thank you in the office between co-workers and supervisor and subordinate?

    Thank you for reminding us how much power saying thank you does have!
  • ...and "Thank You", Matt for the mention and everything you do for credit unions in social media-