The Status Quo Must Go

Financial institutions address opportunity for change and innovation at BAI Retail Delivery Conference.


CHICAGO– President Bill Clinton kicked off the 2011 BAI Retail Delivery conference this week with a call for global and local financial stability.

"This is an interdependent age. We're all neighbors," Clinton, the keynote speaker, said in a speech focusing on leadership qualities needed to make successful changes.

Industry leaders from the world’s financial institutions at this year's BAI conference are assesing the changes and developments needed for them to better connect with customers, peers, and the network of a global economy. The message that’s emerging here: we’re all in this together.

In a series of workshops and sessions, they discuss the changes affecting their technology, culture, and most importantly, their consumers.

Suneel Gupta, vice president of product development for Chicago-based Groupon, is highlighting the need for financial institutions to get in front of real customers during the first phases of product or service development and creating an end experience that's as fun as it is functional.

In another session, hosts walked financial institutions through the best retail practices of their global peers, discussing the importance of perceived values for today’s consumers and highlighting the strengths of having a localized identity in a global world.

Lastly, an overview of developing cloud computing technology, with implications not just for cost savings but additional stream of income as institutions take their own apps and systems and bring them to market in the cloud.

Whether co-operative or for-profit, financial institutions here are receiving information on multiple opportunities to move forward together and better serve tomorrow’s consumers.


Oct. 13, 2011



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