Three Tips For Stronger Social Media

A Pennsylvania Credit Union Association conference provides new tactics to inform social media strategy.


A recent social media conference held by the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association provided several key pieces of advice for credit unions developing or improvimg their social media strategies.

The Social Centric Conference on October 26-27 brought together approximately 20 Pennsylvania credit unions and four prominent social media presenters in Harrisburg, PA. The credit union attendees were eager to learn more about social media, whether to use this information to establish their social media presence online or to build upon their current strategy.

Presenters delved into a variety of concepts and platforms, offering insight for credit unions with strategies that ranged from basic to more complex. Taking the "people helping people" message to heart, presenters tailored their social media advice to help credit unions that want to connect to their members and their communities. Key takeaways that can aid any credit union's social media development include:

  • Be clear about social media policies. Social media policies, both internal and external, minimize risk; they do not eliminate it completely. Be as clear as you can be in your policies and hire trustworthy employees to carry out the credit union's social media strategy within its guidelines.
  • Don’t make assumptions about member needs. Don't make assumptions about what you’re known for or how your members find you. Instead, ask your members directly. Find out how they search for you and tailor your keywords and social media efforts so members can easily find you.
  • Learn from your peers. Afraid to experiment with social media? Watch other credit unions’ social media techniques to get a sense of what’s working in the industry. And don't forget to look beyond credit unions to other industries. Does a retailer's Twitter account have a strategy that seems to engage customers? Why not tailor that strategy to your members.