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Vendor Product Solutions

Callahan & Associates provides a unique set of business intelligence tools that support all functions of credit union supplier organizations through the Membership Program.

Consulting the Membership Program's powerful suite of resources helps suppliers at every step of the sales process, from increasing company visibility in the marketplace to targeting new sales, engaging in educated conversations with prospects, helping credit union clients to improve their performance, and strengthening credit union-supplier relationships.

Check out the vendor product solutions available via the Callahan Membership Program.


Peer-to-Peer, Callahan's most in-depth financial analysis resource and 100% web-based, allows suppliers to accurately compare any credit union's performance against relevant peers, as well as easily create professional reports and presentations for your next sales or client meeting.

CU Target

CUTarget, a web-based tool, allows you to perform in-depth analysis on prospects' and clients' financial performance. Additionally, suppliers can utilize CUTarget to pull marketing and sales lists defined by financial, geographic, and vendor relationship criteria.

Media Suite

CREDITUNIONS.COM provides weekly published content based on industry trends, best practices, and perspectives from industry leaders, as well as five credit union financial performance reports and basic marketing list creation capabilities.

Credit Union Strategy & Performance (CUSP) quarterly publication that combines evidence-based performance analysis and case studies to help credit unions identify opportunities and challenges.

The Supplier Marketing Share Guides are designed to help credit unions better understand their options when it comes to choosing service partners for critical areas of business. These guides include supplier contact information and other resources to help facilitate vendor selection.

The Credit Union Directory is an annually produced publication that provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the credit union industry.

Authored by the Callahan Executive Team, the Callahan Report is a monthly newsletter that addresses key industry issues and trends, targeting the concerns of industry C-Suite executives.

Platinum Supplier

The Buyer’s Guide is a hub that connects all of your press releases, industry events, and job openings in one listing that comes with a personalized company listing URL.

Get industry executives talking about your company by posting your press release in the Press Center. Your release will be featured on the homepage of, emailed to a 22,000 member mailing list, and show up in Google News Search Results.

When it’s time to expand your team, the Career Center enables you to post detailed listings and accept resumes online.

Do you host conferences, user forums, or virtual sales webinars? Easily submit events, upload conference materials, and send readers directly to an event registration page via a direct link. Events are also featured on the homepage of

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