Cards That Matter To Members

To generate strong credit card performance, cooperatives must understand what members value. One way to show you know? Affinity cards.



Members receive countless card offers in the mail. Just last week, The Wall Street Journal reported on the revitalization of mailed credit card offers in light of the recession’s loosening grip. So there’s no shortage of options for your members. What you need to do to differentiate yourself is meet their needs with your card by offering what is important to them.

Local Government Federal Credit Union ($1.15B, Raleigh, NC) serves government employees and volunteers in the state of North Carolina. The credit union generates value through its cards by offering affinity debit cards aligned with several significant state associations. The three cards are branded with the logos of the state’s firefighter association, emergency medical technician and rescue association, and an association for locally elected officials.

Not only do the cards deepen the relationship between LGFCU and the member, but they also help the credit union give back to the community. Fifty percent of the interchange income from card usage is donated back to the branded association. The donations have surpassed $535,000 so far.

Interested in hearing how LGFCU did it? Check out the clip below. If you’re eager to learn more about affinity cards and what they can do for your credit union, check out the whole event An Affinity For Strong Card Performance.

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July 11, 2011



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