Drive Member Service

This New York credit union has taken its cooperative on the road. Literally.


Reaching members in exciting ways is one benefit of the technological explosion we’re experiencing. To get members what they need, Palisades Federal Credit Union ($155.2M, Pearl River, NY) used a mix of old and cutting-edge.

PFCU One is a 40-foot long mobile branch on wheels. It’s a recreational vehicle outfitted with all of the modern trappings of a full-service branch.

The branch serves multiple purposes such as enhancing publicity and marketing for the credit union, says Sean Jelen, COO at Palisades. The overhead and operational costs are minimal, which makes it a solid investment. Palisades purchased the vehicle used for $80,000 from a bank in Colorado.

In addition to the outreach potential PFCU One has, it also helps the credit union deliver services in the event of a disaster, Jelen says. It takes only minutes to get it up and running and serving members.

Want to see the details of the awesome RV? Check out the clip below. If you want more delivery strategies, check out the whole event Here + There = Everywhere.

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Aug. 1, 2011



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