Everybody Does Everything

This Washington state credit union emphasizes cross-training and the cooperative culture to generate robust branches.


In some businesses, specialization is essential. In the cooperative movement, multi-tasking makes much more sense.

At Sound Credit Union ($510.7M, Tacoma, WA), the management team emphasizes an all-hands-on-deck attitude. And the result is low employee turnover and strong member service.

Denise Reagan, EVP of Sound, and Chris Shenkel, VP of Branch Operations, report that the average tenure of branch managers at Sound stands at 13 years. The credit union has small branches to minimize costs and employs a staff of part-time tellers along with a full-time float teller, and all of the employees are cross-trained in order to help members to achieve their goals.

The credit union uses a statement as its driving mindset: “Whatever needs to be done is what we do.” The credit union employees and management have an open line of communication, which allows for constant improvement in operations, too.

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