Help Members Through Rough Times

Affinity Plus Credit Union's Brian Volkman discusses how the cooperative provides options for members in difficult financial situations.


Affinity Plus Credit Union ($1.4B, St. Paul, MN) took a proactive approach to assisting members affected by layoffs in July after Minnesota's budget crisis by offering a State Shutdown package in which members could secure a $2,000 short-term loan and a skip-a-pay option for loans. The credit union also created a State Shutdown Mortgage, which was a streamlined, no-cost refinance on a mortgage.

"It wasn't our members fault they were laidoff. We wanted to make sure we were here during a difficult time," Volkman says. "We wanted to let them know that we were here and that they had options. It was reassuring for our members. We received a lot of positive feedback."

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Sept. 5, 2011



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