Here + There = Everywhere - Tweet My Money

Eric Acree, executive vice president of Vantage Credit Union ($700.2M, Bridgetown, MO), describes the credit union’s innovative venture into mobile banking. When faced with the tough times of 2009, the credit union donned its creative thinking cap and came up with Tweet My Money.


0:00 – 2:51 The Process – Joining The Mobile Banking Movement: Executive vice president of Vantage Credit Union, Eric Acree, explains his credit union’s decision to join the mobile banking movement via an unusual method: Twitter

2:51 – 6:18 The Solution – Tweet My Money: Acree reviews Tweet My Money features, such as what information can be obtained and how the credit union protects the members from phishing scams.

6:18 – 9:56 Results: According to Acree, within five days after launching the program, Vantage increased its web traffic 500%. He also shares other benefits of the worldwide program.

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