In Search Of Maximum Performance

This Maryland credit union pursues efficiency by examining its processes and querying its peers.


To make operations leaner, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union ($253.7M, Germantown, MD) is willing to explore any avenue. Rick Wieczorek, president and CEO of MAFCU, has attacked the problem via incentive programs and consulting with other CEOs to find out what works for them.


MAFCU had a slightly higher operating expense ratio than its peers but managed to lower it below 5% as of 1Q11. The credit does a large amount of business lending (just under the 12.25% cap) and that makes for some atypical expenses. That said, things needed to change, and Wieczorek consulted with fellow executives to see what they were doing to solve their efficiency problems. He examined inefficiencies in vendor relationships and the contract MAFCU had with them.

And he created a program called Cash for Creative Ideas. Wieczorek offers 25% of the annual savings created for any employee that comes up with an idea to reduce expenses.

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