One Step Ahead

Digital Federal Credit Union gets in front of problem loans with outreach and creative solutions.


One late payment doesn’t seem so bad. But one missed payment can escalate into a bigger problem, especially in tough economic times. Throughout the recession, credit unions have helped members navigate loss of jobs, reduction of incomes, and elimination of savings. One way they have done this is through loan modifications. Digital Federal Credit Union ($3.65B, Marlborough, MA) has implemented a strong outreach program that engages members before money problem become unmanageable. Primarily, the credit union’s staff keeps an eye out for member behavior (such as late payments or frequent credit card cash advances) that is symptomatic of financial distress. To reduce the stigma associated with asking for loan management assistance, Digital watches member activity and uses its outbound calling team to offer member assistance before problems snowball. The credit union acts quickly identify problems and think creatively about solutions that benefit Digital as well as the member. Watch the clip to hear insight from Craig Roy, senior vice president of support services at Digital, about the credit union’s strategic outreach.

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Jan. 31, 2011



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