Peer Group Selection For Better Benchmarking

Accurately measuring a credit union’s performance is the foundation to making successful strategic decisions. But what’s the best way to measure performance? By using similar financial institutions to create meaningful benchmarks.


Peer group selection is one of the most important aspects of benchmarking analysis. Although broad-stroke comparisons can be useful for general high-level analysis, a channeled, targeted approach produces more actionable insights that lead to meaningful change.

In this 20 minute presentation, Callahan analyst Sam Taft shows how to fine tune peer group selection efforts to strengthen the credit union benchmarking process.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • The benefits of using custom, institution-specific peer groups.
  • How to build a better peer group using parameters like footprint, asset size, employee base, membership, and more.
  • Peer group select pitfalls to avoid.


Part 1: Picking The Right Peer Group

Part 2: Peer Group Selection Examples

Part 3: Questions & Discussion

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