SEGue Into Spring By Maximizing Relationships

Mark Decello, executive vice president of KEMBA Financial Credit Union ($701M, Gahanna, OH), explains how the credit union nurtures its many successful SEG relationships. He offers tips on how to identify which SEGs will work best with the credit union and how to retain a positive relationship with SEGs.


0:00 – 2:24 Why Focus On SEGs?: Mark Decello of KEMBA Financial Credit Union discusses how KEMBA’s 33% retention rate of SEG members is a justification for reaching out to more SEGs.

2:24 – 6:01 The Value Of A Defined Metric: Decello discusses how narrowing in on the right metrics can help identify where credit unions can achieve higher profitability while still providing beneficial products to members.

6:01 – 10:21 What Metrics To Track: Decello covers how metrics such as SEG demographics and business development officer efficiency plays a key role in deciding what’s most profitable.

10:21 – 13:53 What To Do With All The Info: According to Decello, when a credit union understands its audience, finding the right SEG won’t be too difficult. And once the SEG has signed on, targeted and consistent marketing will lead to better results.

13:53 – 15:55 Q&A: Decello provides an example of changing marketing strategies in order to maximize effect.

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March 3, 2011



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