The Value of Viral Communication

Viral communication and celebrity endorsements can help credit unions reach difficult demographics.


Consumers aren’t going to listen unless you give them a reason. Ads are everywhere, the phone in his or her hand can do as much as a computer, and managing interpersonal relationships requires plenty of time, too. So you have to get a consumer’s attention.

One way to do that is to generate viral communication. Matt Purvis, who oversees marketing for Northwest Community Credit Union ($654.7M, Eugene, OR), says “charismatic marketing” is the real path to results.

Word-of-mouth, though certainly valuable, runs second to viral communication, Purvis says. What makes something viral? It’s all of those e-mails in your inbox with funny YouTube videos links in them. It’s the news story that gets forwarded thousands of times. It’s the clips on The Soup.

Credit unions can use viral communication to get in front of consumers and stick in their minds. Along with guerilla marketing and celebrity endorsements, creating memorable campaigns or events can help cooperatives establish their identities and turn members into ambassadors for the brand.

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June 20, 2011



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