Work For More Work

Consumers are trying myriad tactics to obtain employment. Credit unions can generate solutions.


Positive buzz is cautiously building around the economy. And although any good news is long overdue, only one thing will positively affect Americans at the most fundamental level: jobs. With unemployment at 9.4% in December, people are struggling and are willing to do whatever it takes to get back into the workforce.

In the Jan. 24, 2011, issue of Time, Brad Tuttle reports on the lengths people will go to for work. He tells the story of an L.A. man who offered a $10,000 reward for any referral that ended in his perfect job. He never got the referral. Web sites (such as Career Element and have popped up to help jobseekers bust through the morass and into the working world.

Clearly, people are willing to do what it takes.

More importantly, the article is a reminder for credit unions: For most members, employment is the issue at the top of mind. Some might be unemployed or underemployed or between temporary jobs. Some might be chronically unemployed and near the point of disillusionment.

In these difficult times, credit unions can exhibit value. What are you doing to help members struggling with unemployment bounce back or stay afloat? Here are a few ideas to spur your thinking forward.

  • Host an informal, members-only networking event at your credit union. Use the experience to build comraderie and generate ideas.
  • Help members save through refinancing. Present the savings and better rates as a way to enhance members’ lives.
  • Put a job board in the credit union where members can share ideas and leads.

Once jobs come back, the economy will be better suited to explode into prosperity. So transform your credit union into a place where members can feel hope and be positive. They are willing to hear you out and will appreciate it more than they let on.


Jan. 27, 2011


  • Good ideas, Thomas. I like the positive direction of your story. I hope credit unions take you up on your idea and run with it. This stuff only enhances their value to the member.
    mike lawson