Your Pants Are Safe With Us

A simple message (and an unlikely poster boy) helps put cooperative values on the radar.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a picture of a chubby guy in his underwear worth? The Chris Farley comedy model (think fat guy, little coat) along with an effective reminder of the difference between cooperative and for-profit business models, is alive and well in this commercial from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. 

Why is it effective? One, its fun. Chances are slim to none this commercial won’t flash in your head the next time you’re in a financial institution.

And despite best intentions, consumers don’t usually associate their financial institution with a good time. Any type of marketing that confronts this notion head on is a step in the right direction to connect with potential members and remind existing ones why they chose a cooperative solution to begin with. 

Two, the message is clear, honest, and not bogged down by excessive text or numbers. Consumers often latch on to the idea of a brand’s perceived simplicity, even more than potential savings. According to a Siegal+ Gale study, the most effective brands:

  • Communicate clearly and without jargon
  • Save time (by increasing convenience and accessibility)
  • Facilitate ease of use and interactions
  • Enable deeper relationships and easier lifestyles

If a company can meet these primary needs, consumers are willing to pay up to 6% more for their goods and services over competitors whose interactions are seen as more complex or demanding.

Many consumers already know credit unions are the better deal financially, but how do you stand out from the pack in terms of service and convenience? Creating and protecting these themes within your brand helps keeps you top of mind.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or the screen. Businessweek has highlighted a number of cost effective campaigns (such as Zipcar’s urban campsite) and interactive ads (such as Pepsi’s music billboard) that emphasize the theme of making life easier. Demonstrating how you can always be there for the member, in and out of the branch, will play big in brand loyalty.

Originally published on April 7, 2011.


Dec. 27, 2011


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  • It's great to see Credit Unions make a stand for the people. This commercial is a blast!
  • I love this ad! It makes me laugh everytime.
  • I laugh everytime I see this commercial. I really like the ads that they have running around the Twin Cities on billboards and the buses as well!
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