March 23, 2009


  • Thank you Chip for this excellent insight. Very informative.
    Dave Wordhouse
  • Thanks chip, this is some of the most straightforward thinking on this I have seen. Hope many people see this and get the word out.
    Charlie Fulks
  • Well thought out and to the point. The NCUA could use your insight.
    Stuart Weiner
  • Provides new insight and intelligent speculation regarding NCUA's distorted decision.
    W. Milner
  • To add to this almost worst-case scenario, the rhetoric about pulling together, unity, etc. is great, but who are we pulling together/unifying against? Our own deposit insurer/regulator. Is that a battle anyone wants to fight? Wait `til the ABA gets their hands on this. Thanks, Comrad Fryzel.
    Larry B. Davis
  • We have now reduced our balance from $50M to $2M at U.S. Central. We will wire in enough to cover our daily settlement requirements. The NCUA can figure out how to manage the liquidity at USC. This is our IN YOUR FACE NCUA protest from this $500M credit union.
    Joan Sanchez
  • Chip, Thank you for expressing so brilliantly what many of us have wanted to say and to ask regarding the actions and attitude NCUA has taken towards the corporate debacle. I forwarded your interview to Chair Fryzel.
    Bill Raker
  • Chip, Great article and a great webinar. Having nearly 30 years in the financial industry, the first 18 regulated by the OCC and the balance by the NCUA I have always been taken back by the fact that the NCUA has always tried to run the credit unions they regulate either indirectly or directly. If they had the skill set they would be CEOs and not regulators. The risk to reputation and safety and soundness is in fact the actions of the NCUA and not the credit unions.
    John Revilla
  • Well said, Chip. It's time that the NCUA gets back to enforcing the regs and stops pretending they know best how to run any and all credit unions.
    Rita St. Arnauld