Aug. 10, 2009


  • Chip,

    I think Deborah Matz will make a much better Chairperson (not much of a bar to jump over in the first place over the incumbent), but I REALLY hope she doesn't have a 6 year career there. If it happens, this country will be destroyed from the top and it won't make any difference.
    Larry Hoffman
  • This analysis leaves me flat and slow on the uptake. That being said, I couldn't have done better.

    I would have liked to read something that carries more urgency: “Matz Arrival Just In Time to Clean-up the Mess!”, or “Who Cares ? Who Turns Out the Lights?”, or “New Face, Bored Audience, and Now Back to the Game”, or……

    The point is - what are one to two things that need to be done now ?

    1. Restore confidence in credit union stakeholders that they have a regulator vested in creating a competitive differential for charter holders and sound practice.

    2. Show the marketplace that our regulator understands the needs of a non-profit cooperative industry over the cookie cutter text book for regulating financial service organizations.

    I understand that a regulator is not a trade organization – but every vested player must have these two goals in mind, and influence the outcomes from their perspective and contribututions.

    If we do not start to push for a real understanding of the value of the business charters we promote, then what is the point of declaring ourselves an alternative – it starts with having the differences highlighted, leveraged, and visible to those who create a marketplace differential that is then valued by those promoting themselves as experts and overseers of its future.