Letter From The Editor

It’s A Great Time To Be A Credit Union

This quarter, Credit Union Strategy & Performance is all about showing off successes and looking forward to the future.
By Rebecca Wessler

Consumer Sentiments & Employee Insights

Real comments from online review sites to inform strategies, policies, and practices.
By Marc Rapport

On Leadership

Jennifer Hogan On Leadership

The CEO of Community Credit Union offers her view on adaptability, tough conversations, and industry needs.
By E.C. Harrison


Rev-Up For 2017

What do jobs, houses, and autos say about the road ahead for credit unions?
By Dwight Johnston

Callahan News

How To Use The Callahan Analytics Support Site

Maximize performance analysis and review training materials by logging into Callahan & Associates’ new Callahan Analytics Support Site at
By Stephanie Clark

State In The Spotlight: Texas

The Loan Star State has the highest number of credit unions at 475, and its stellar growth and member metrics evokes the saying “Don’t mess with Texas.”
By Liz Furman

Industry Performance

Credit Unions Face The Challenge Of Too Many Opportunities

Determining how to devote limited resources to new opportunities is a challenge, but investing in new ways to deliver value is essential to remain relevant to members.
By Jay Johnson


Industry Performance By The Numbers

Twenty-eight graphs, charts, and maps that evaluate credit union performance in the second quarter of 2016.
By Callahan Industry Analysts


The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement

By Liz Furman

Peer Group Comparisons

Summary Financial Profiles

Credit unions of various sizes can easily compare their business models against institutions of similar sizes using these summary income statements and balance sheets for eight peer groups.
By Liz Furman

Peer Group Comparisons

Performance Scorecard

It’s never been easier to compare the quarterly performance of up to three credit unions using Callahan's Search & Analyze online reports. This Performance Scorecard shows stats for the average credit union in eight peer groups.
By Liz Furman

Anatomy Of A Credit Union

Anatomy Of Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union

How the Wyoming institution takes in stride the booms and busts of a mineral-based economy.
By Erik Payne

Ideas In Action: The Rise Of Business Analytics

What Does Business Intelligence Mean For Credit Unions?

Credit unions are embracing business intelligence, but their approaches to data and analytics vary as they leverage technology to increase member value.
By Charlotte Taft

How Analytics Drives Efficiency And Innovation

The Business Analytics Innovation Team at Member One FCU tasks six employees with digging into data to find areas of opportunity.
By Sharon Simpson

KEMBA Financial Knocks Down Silos With Shared Data Ownership

When it comes to data, the Ohio credit union tasks different departments of the institution to take joint ownership.
By Marc Rapport

A Way To Predict Member Behavior

How Oregon Community’s data warehouse is shaping marketing and saving the credit union time and money.
By Susan Levi Wallach

How A Governance Committee Helps Langley FCU Tackle Business Intelligence

Informed decisions benefit all levels of the Virginia credit union’s operations.
By Erik Payne

Technology@CU: At The Crossroads Of Marketing And Technology

4 Emails Pave The Path To Marketing Success

How Redstone Credit Union’s small marketing staff used email analytics and automation to help sell thousands of new checking accounts.
By Marc Rapport

4 Alternatives To Facebook And Twitter

Strategies to help credit unions increase their social media presence.
By Stephanie Clark

Lessons From A YouTube Series

Arizona FCU puts a financial twist on “The Biggest Loser” with its “My Comeback” web series.
By Erik Payne

How Redstone Delivers Fraud Education One Tweet At A Time

The Alabama credit union is developing a repertoire of live and virtual seminars.
By Marc Rapport


By Leigh Anne Terry

The Last Word

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Unscramble these credit union and credit union personality names to unlock the key word that describes this quarter’s theme.

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